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Fire and Ice


Tan Verman
Caged Pussy
Rookie Wags
Hat Trick
Guy LaFloater
Fire and Ice
Player Coach
Big Reiter
Rough Reiter
Rookie Skalder
The Gapper

#31 Goalie
Fire and Ice
6'-1", 220 lbs
Grand Forks, ND

Another Grand Forks native is Lone Trees starting goaltender Fire&Ice. Baffling other teams (and his teammates), Fire&Ice alternates between stellar and cellar performances instantaneously without warning. The backstop for the Lone Tree can either make the hoards of Lone Tree fans drop their jaws in amazement at his shear brilliant execution of goaltending skills, or he'll drop their jaws at his inability to stop a beach ball.

When asked to list his strengths, Fire&Ice responded with "breakaways" and "quick feet" (although his teammates may question the adjective in front of "feet"). He listed his weakness as the ability to deal with the mental trauma inflicted by his teammates during warm-ups as they have been known to taunt him with "whooo hooo"'s and other forms of harassment after each score.

Off the ice, Fire&Ice enjoys fishing, weights, computers, football, and email porn on Game Days.



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